The video below is a little out of date in that there are now breeders in UK, Europe and USA, but the rest of the information is "spot" on!

Dr Truda Straede

Dr Truda Straede

Dr Truda Straede

The Australian Mist was developed over 40 years by Dr Truda Straede, under the strict supervision of the NSW cat fanciers association They were derived from over 30 foundation cats, half Burmese and a quarter each Abyssinian and Australian domestic cats.

The Burmese contributed to the dilution of the colours and the laid back  and relaxed attitude, some of the pattern and the size conformity.  The Abyssinian contributed to the beautiful ticking to develop the pattern, and the lively intelligence. The domestics contributed to the best spots and the hybrid vigour, with a dose of uncosseted genes, which goes to improving the teeth, kidneys and also their excellent mothering qualities, it also stabilised the litter size at around 4 to 5 kittens per litter.

This is a long term venture to which we are fully dedicated. With thanks to Dr Truda Straede whose work over the last 40 years has won much acclaim in receiving recognition with all the governing councils in Australia.


On February 9th 2007 the first 2 Australian Mists were imported into the UK.
​The first two Mists to arrive into the UK were Champion Thera Linara, a lilac spotted girl and  Champion Nintu Jellywave, a chocolate spotted girl.

They were soon followed by Onyx, a brown spotted boy and Prunella a blue marbled girl who arrived in July 2007. In 2009 there followed more imports from Australia, including Grand Champion Nintu Marmor Koa Lirra, a recipient of the ACF RBY/AoE (Ruby Award of Excellence), making her the highest titled Mist in the UK at the time.


In 2010 Dr Judith Wegner announced that she intended to breed Australian Mists in the USA. In 2011 she imported Rumtumtugger Topaz from Mary Stuart in the UK. Topaz was pregnant and the first litter in the USA was born in April 2011.

Later Judith imported Rumtumgugger Maram Druin from the UK, and then Thera Bandar Grandin and Nintu Kora Lilith from Truda Straede in Australia.

The Australian Mist is a carefully crafted breed of cat. They are affectionate, playful and curious. Their affection knows no bounds, they simply cannot believe anything or anybody can harm them.There is nothing extreme about these pretty little cats. They are of moderate size with big green eyes. The coat colours are brown, chocolate, blue, lillac, cinnamon and fawn, with intricate marbled swirls or delicate spots against a misty background.

Those big expressive green eyes can do nothing but melt your heart. They are full of fun and love but yet they have that typical laid back Australian attitude also.

The pretty colours, and affectionate and inquisitive nature of ther cats make them ideal companions to anyone at home all day.

Their insistence to crawl onto your lap uninvited make them ideal companions for all types of people.These cats have adapted well to being wholly indoor cats and whilst they are lively as kittens they soon sober up with age.


The delightful Australian Mists were the brainchild of Dr.Truda Straede of the Nintu Cattery, Victoria, Australia, and they were developed over a 30 year period.

Truda Straede was born on the west coast of Tasmania in 1944 and educated in Tasmania and Victoria, and earned her doctorate in ecology at the University of Melbourne.

She became a pedigree cat breeder in 1976 combining her ecological concerns with her interest in cat breeding which is how she came to develop an environmentally friendly cat known today as the Australian Mist. She has written extensively on cat health and genetics and her breeders handbook entitled, Breeding Cats, A Practical Guide is a must for all breeders experienced or novice. She has sat on many committees and governing boards and was awarded a distinguished service award for her services to the NSW Cat Fancy. She now lives in Bunyip, Victoria where she runs the Nintu Breeding Cattery known as Evergreen.

Since the mid-1970s, she has devoted her life to the creation of the beautiful Australian Mist for which we thank her wholeheartedly as without her we would not have these beautiful cats in our lives today.


Thanks to Sam Atherton-Ryan for her help with some of the information on this site. We would also like to thank Truda for her painstaking commitment to detailing the full history of the breed on her website. 

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