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Champion Ayshazen Filigreed Florin (Germany)

About Australian Mists International

Australian Mist International is a global accord of TICA Australian Mist breeders, which was set up to work in harmony for the health, wellbeing and promotion of the wonderful Australian Mist cat breed in TICA, The International Cat Association.


Some pedigree registries, have moved away from the premise of the breed founder, Dr Truda Straede. TICA Australian Mist breeders work closely with Dr Straede, and breed to her standards. The Australian Mist is the only pedigree cat to come from Australia, using solely Australian stock. Dr. Truda Straede has dedicated over 40 years of her life to creating and preserving this beautiful, well mannered and very healthy breed. In doing so she has created a breed of cat that is perfectly people and family orientated. Keeping this unique breed of cat healthy and as it was meant to be is of supreme importance.


We breed according to Dr Straede's advice and guidance, and she continues to support and works closely with us. All of our cats are registered with TICA. 

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