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The Importance of Blood Types in Australian Mists.


Neonatal Isoerythrolysis is a serious condition which, if not immediately addressed, will lead to the loss of kittens. It works like the rhesus negative problem in humans. Cat groups consist of A, B and rarely AB. Group A is dominant over group B, which can be carried. This will not cause a problem UNLESS... if a B mother is put to an A or A carrying b sire, or if a B cat needs a blood transfusion.


If a blood type B queen is mated to a blood type A or Ab stud, some of her kittens will be born with type A blood. If these kittens suckle from their mother in the first 24 hours, they will develop IN. The B queen's colostrum contains strong antibodies to the A blood of the kitten, which will destroy the kittens internal organs. Many of these kittens will fade and die. Without blood typing, the only way to prevent this from happening, is to remove all kittens from B mothers at birth and hand feed for the first 24 hours. You can imagine how a new mother cat will feel about that, and this should only be performed if essential. Blood typing both sire, queen and kittens is a huge advantage. There are blood typing cards available on the market which can be used with a little placental blood from each kitten to determine its blood type.

Breeders should therefore check for the B group in their cats, especially the queens. It could mean life or death for kittens.

Here is a superb article explaining the whole processFeline Blood Groups & their Implications for Breeders

The Register

This register shows queens and studs who have been tested for their blood type, it will prove a useful tool for breeders. If you have tested your Mists, please contact us to have them placed on the register free of charge. It does not matter who you register with. 

How To Register Click Here


Please use the bar on the right of the table to scroll down and see more entries.


Add Your Cat(s) to the Register.

To register, send your name; location; email, website and/or Facebook page address; the name of the cat you wish to register; whether it is a stud or a queen; and a photo or scanned copy of the result certificate. You can have as many or as few contact details as you wish displayed on the website, though including your county and country at least would be a good idea. Registration is free.

Blood Group Register Form

Once submitted, we will reply asap, and ask you to email your certificate of testing, and to give your permission for the results to be published here.

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