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RW QGC Ayshazen Arfur Crown. Chocolate Sepia Marbled AUM, UK

Generally, the Australian Mists are a very healthy breed. The mix of three breeds, Burmese, Abyssinian and Australian Domestic, provides the breed with hybrid vigour or heterosis. This has the effect of increasing the genepool, thus increasing resistance to genetic disease.

However, as in all breeds, responsible breeders should be aware of certain conditions which can affect their lines. The information contained here is valuable, and Australian Mist breeders should be aware of it in order to ensure that their kittens have the best start in life.

Blood Groups

Australian Mist breeders should test their breeding cat's blood types.

Neonatal Isoerythrolysis is a serious condition which, if not immediately addressed, will lead to the loss of kittens. Breeders should therefore check for the B group in their cats, especially the queens. It could mean life or death for kittens.


This is a register of cats that have had their blood types testedAny breeder, irrespective of registry, who would like their Mists added, can complete the registration form on the page.

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