26 July 2018

Two Australian Mist Scam Warnings




We have been made aware of two causes for concern, which we feel is important to publicise, to safeguard both the wallets of potential kitten buyers, and also the reputation of the Australian Mists and their legitimate breeders.

The first concerns a Facebook page advertising many different breeds. The seller is one person, and the photographs have been fraudulently taken from other websites. These cats do not belong to the advertiser. The site has been reported to Facebook. Whatever happens DO NOT CONTACT THE PERSON ON THE ADVERT ABOVE. 

The second warning is never to buy any kitten if you have not visited the breeder's home and viewed the kittens with their mother. It has come to our attention that a breeder (not a member of AMI), in the UK is delivering kittens directly to the kitten buyer, without the buyers having previously viewed the kittens with their mother on the breeder's premises. NEVER BUY A KITTEN IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT WITH IT'S MOTHER AND SIBLINGS

15 June 2018

First Australian Mists Born in Germany!

Ch Ayshazen Filigreed Florin and her new litter, born in Germany on 15 June 2018

We are very happy to announce that mainland Europe has a new Mist breeder, and the first litter has been born in Germany on 15 June 2018. Four kittens born to Ch Ayshazen Filigreed Florin. Sire is BW, QGC Dreamtime Sean O'Catty. Congratulations to their breeders, Roland and Andrea Schlicker, who live near Frankfurt Main.

We are keen to encourage new breeders in continental Europe, and worldwide, and we are happy to advise and help anyone interested. Please contact us if you are interested.

2019 TICA International and Regional Winners

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