Rogue Breeders

As responsible and ethical breeders, the members of this association consider the welfare of their cats and kittens as paramount. We are also committed to best practice and to abiding by the rules of our registry, The International Cat Association (TICA). 


We are committed to breeding our cats in clean and uncrowded conditions, with conditions, diet and socialisation appropriate to the needs of our cats, and to providing the correct TICA paperwork, in the form of pedigrees, vaccination certificates and registration documents, at the very least.


Your breeder also should support you should your new kitten become sick, and help to find a new home should you be unable to keep your cat at a later date. We consider that our responsibility to support the owners of our cats and kittens does not stop when they leave us, but carries on for the life of the cat. 

Any breeder who fails to provide these basics is not breeding responsibly.


AMI is committed to ensuring our beloved breed is free of rogue breeders, and we will police activities of rogue breeders who have been reported to us. 


If you have had a bad experience of any Australian Mist breeder, who purports to register in TICA, for instance, unsanitary conditions, not receiving paperwork, sick kittens with no breeder support, etc, please contact us, so that we may investigate. All information received will be treated in confidence, and nothing shared without your express permission.

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