The welfare of Australian Mist cats is of vital importance to all members of the Association and we aim to provide practical advice, guidance and support whenever there is a problem, however large or small.

So please Contact Us if you need help.

If you want to discuss problems with your cat’s health or behaviour we can offer advice and practical suggestions based on many years of welfare experience.

REHOMING Should your circumstances change and you can no longer keep your Australian Mist for whatever reason, we may be able to provide support and assistance through our International rehoming contacts. You can also advertise on this page.

LOST & FOUND If you have lost or found an Australian Mist please notify us, as soon as possible.  Our Lost and Found Register is updated regularly and you will find an excellent checklist of practical things to do on the Catchat Website.

ROGUE BREEDERS If you have concerns about an Australian Mist breeder, please contact us, so that we may investigate. 

We could not carry out effective welfare work without the voluntary involvement of our members.

Australian Mists International                               Contact Us

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